Identity and Content

Identification of Higher Education Community

KOMUNITA Magazine as a means to develop higher education from various aspects. In this regard, KOMUNITA is a medium of communication and information that seeks to reach various communities that intersect with higher education from upstream to downstream.


KOMUNITA is an education magazine published quarterly, presenting articles and information, issues of higher education, in-depth and extensive independent case studies, analysis of operational and strategic issues in higher education aspects.

All articles in KOMUNITA magazine are written from the contributions of thought and analysis of policy makers, practitioners, academics, communities, and individuals who are involved and give color to the world of higher education. KOMUNITA rubrics include: From the Editor, Trends & Issues/Spotlight (Main Rubric), Mosaic of Educational Info & Widyatama /Breaking News, Our Guest/Individual & College Profiles, Free Higher Education Corner/Idea Watch/ Variety/ Thoughts/ Window/ Opinion, Educational Photo Gallery, Education/ Widyatama Inspiring, Agenda, Quote, Insert, Book Review, Higher Education-pedia, Reader’s Letter, Higher Education Data & Reference, Sponsor/Advertorial/Partnership.